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About CSO
   CSO's cloud-based software was preceded by years of effort and development in a payroll and accounting service bureau. That service bureau operated in one of the most demanding areas of the country. The area was completely unionized, and as such, posed special reporting issues. Particularly of issue was the timeliness of payroll preparation, union reporting, and the like. The service bureau experience enabled us to develop accurate and almost instanteous support procedures which we carried into this organization.

   Furthermore, the client base in the service bureau included all types of businesses, from general contractors and subcontractors to suppliers and manufacturers. With that considerable exposure we have developed a cloud-based system that closely mirrors those service bureau products.

   The days of pickup of raw data and delivery of finished reports are long gone. The in-house servers and maintenance personnel have lost their luster. Now, you demand instantaneous reporting, and product customization at minimal cost. Because we can provide that, we'd like you to give us a chance to earn your business!
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