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   As homebuilders, detailed payroll and personnel scheduling are critical for our continued success. CSO lets us minutely control our labor force and job costs. We particularly recommend its customization features to anyone who is tired of dealing with one-size-fits-all software.

Cloud-Based Project Management    Construction Software Online's Project Management    and Service features are naturally intertwined. From scheduling and tracking a single service event to developing an entire workflow for a construction project, CSO is able to provide appropriate procedures for action.
Cloud-based Service Scheduling
on the PM side...
            Typical Project Startup Process

Cloud-based Project Management

   Workflows are driven by a unique generation function where you design any number of workflows to run your business. Here you can assign the Workflow events to personnel, as well as prioritize them. CSO maintains dates and tells you which event is behind schedule. It allows you to manipulate the schedule and the personnel to suit your timetable. Additionally, you are kept informed of backlogged events, and future events so that you can alter them.  As part of the Document features, you may prepare RFI's, Submittals, and Transmittals, as well as save incoming contracts, drawings, and spreadsheets.
on the Service side...
This process involves receiving a service request and transmitting  it to a service person. After the call is completed, the service person, because he/she has remote access through the cloud, can add inventory used, payroll hours expended, and a detailed description of the work.  The benefit is that Payroll, Inventory depletion, and T&M billing are automatically produced by office personnel with a button push!
cloud-based service scheduling
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